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Lindsay Hoyle has been the Labour Party member of Parliament (MP) for Chorley since 1997. He has been the Chairman of the Commons Ways and Means Committee since 2010.[1]


He is the son of Doug Hoyle, Labour MP for Nelson and Colne 1974-79; Warrington 1981-83 and Warrington North 1983-97.[2]

Pushing for better benefits from fracking

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In 2013 Hoyle convened a cross-party meeting with other Lancashire MPs to join forces to demand more money for their constituents from the UK Government in return for “fracking rights” after concluding that the sweeteners being offered were not good enough. Describing it as 'practical politics' Hoyle's colleague Eric Ollerenshaw explained that they wanted more than the current proised £100,000 of community benefits per well drilled and the proposed 1 per cent share of revenues generated when production starts.'

“We don’t want the crumbs off the table. We want to make sure we get something out of this for the long-term for Lancashire as a whole”, said Ollerenshaw.



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