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Liisa Uusitalo is professor of marketing at the Helsinki School of Economics, Finland.

Biographical Information


PhD (Econ.), Helsinki School of Economics 1979

Current activities

Uusitalo research interests include

  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer culture
  • Environmental behavior
  • Social determinants of consumption
  • Marketing communication
  • Marketing of cultural organizations [1]



In reply to an email inquiry regarding her AEF membership Uusitalo stated, "Obviously I am on their list of academic researchers who have studied advertising and children, but i have not so far given any information on my publications to the list, because this is not my major field of study, and I have the necessary contacts by attending the conferences. It is not really a formal membership, but very informal network. I have probably answered yes when being asked if I wish to have information on the topics advertising & children. I have probably become listed in association of some conference (probably at one of the conferences at the Copenhagen Business School on advertising research)...Very seldom they send aan information letter, I can’t remember the last time... I have never heard about any events organized by the network." [3]

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