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Leket UK is a is a UK registered charity (no. 1126755). According to the UK Charity Commission, the charity's primary purpose is to raise funds for Leket Israel, an Israeli charity that provides food and other supplies to poor Israelis.[1] As well as operating inside Israel proper Leket Israel also operates in the illegal settlements of Dolev, Elkana and Ma'ale Adumim.[2] [3]


The organisation became a registered charity in 2008.[1]

Finances and Funding

From 2010 to 2014 the charity spent £1,775,179.[4]


Board of Directors circa July 2015

Joseph Gitler | Gerald Bichunsky | Paul Andrew Filer | Liz Lightstone



Address circa July 2015:

Leket UK
CP House
Otterspool Way
WD25 8HP
Phone: 020 834 62890
Email: info@leket.org
Website: www.leket.org


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