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Kern House Enterprises was a CIA 'propriety' based in Delaware, initially owned by millionaire businessman John Hay Whitney, a former U.S. Ambassador to Britain and publisher of the International Herald Tribune. It was part of a world wide CIA propaganda operation overseen by Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA agent who had engineered the overthrow of the democratic government of Iran in 1953.

Kern House Enterprises operated through a London subsidary Kern House Enterprises Ltd based at Kern House, 61-62 Lincoln's Inn Fields. [1] The Managing Director of the British company was Iain Hamilton, [2] a former editor of the British conservative weekly The Spectator. One of its directors was Robert Gene Gately, who was later reassigned to Bangkok as CIA station officer. [3]

Kern House Enterprises Ltd established Forum World Features, the full title of which was Kern House Enterprises (Forum World Features) Ltd. Forum World Features operated as a commercial news service whilst also smuggling CIA propaganda. It also published a journal called Conflict Studies and established a subsidiary company called the Current Affairs Research Services Centre which later became the Institute for the Study of Conflict.

In 1968 Richard Mellon Scaife agreed to replace John Hay Whitney as the head of the parent firm of Forum World Features. [4]


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