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Julia Manning is the founder and director of 2020health, a web-based centre right think tank for health and social care, set up in 2006 to 'uniquely focus on bottom-up policy development by front line professionals. [1]


According to the Sunday Times, Manning is a close adviser to the Tory leadership, and in January 2010 hosted a "Cameron Direct" town hall meeting for him.[2] That same month she also published a report that claimed ending free treatment for minor or “lifestyle” illnesses could save £20 billion a year — about a fifth of the annual budget. [3]

Manning was a prospective Conservative MP candidate for Gosport. "I got involved in politics because I was furious at the way that government was treating our public services," she says. [4]

Policy positions

Julia Manning criticised Professor David Nutt's research into the potential benefits of MDMA on the brain. Manning accuses Nutt of publicity seeking and of "irresponsible science". [5] Nutt's research has been funded by Channel 4 and will be televised, according to Nutt the project has two purposes, to show the research process from design to analysis and to provide the first UK research that uses imaging technology to study the effects of MDMA on the brain. Julia Manning is critical of the project and argues it risks glamorising the drug. [6]




Manning was educated at Portsmouth High School and did her degree at City University in Optometry and Visual Science, graduating in 1990. She became a community optometrist, working first in Hertfordshire and then London, 'specialising in lens and refraction clinics at the Royal Free Hospital, and diabetes.[8]


Address: 83 Victoria Street London SW1H OHW
Phone: 020 3170 7702 or 020 3170 7703
Mobile: 07973 312358
Website: http://www.2020health.org/about_us_people.html
Twitter: http://twitter.com/juliamanning
Blog: http://juliamanning.wordpress.com/


Blog: http://2020health.wordpress.com/


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