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John Holmes (born July 22, 1949) is a former SAS commander (not to be confused with John Holmes (British diplomat)).

According to an Erinys International biographical note:

John was commissioned into the Scots Guards in 1970, serving in the Gulf, Germany and Northern Ireland before joining 22 SAS in 1974. He subsequently followed a Special Forces career and in turn commanded a SAS Squadron, served as the Special Operations Liaison Officer at the British Embassy in Washington DC, ran the Special Forces Policy Desk in the Ministry of Defence and commanded 22 SAS from 1989 to 1992. He was subsequently given accelerated promotion to Brigadier and command of the Airborne Brigade for three years. He then served at SHAPE working in the Command Group for SACEURs Jowlan and Clarke. He returned to the UK in 1999 as Director Special Forces and in 2001 was promoted to 2-Star and given command of 4 Division.[1]

According to a London Security Group biographical note:

In 2002 he left the services and worked for Inkerman, a high profile UK-based security and risk management company. During 2003 he completed two main projects - Project Unicorn, for the Metropolitan Police and UK Government into commercial sector activity in London to aid the counter-Terrorism effort. Second, was security consultancy advice to Erinys International, a British-owned security company that won the multi million pound contract to secure the Iraqi Oil infrastructure. He is also a former Director of Erinys, and the founder Titon International, UK.[2]

Holmes was appointed as an Erinys director on 20-July-2004. He resigned on 02-December-2008.


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