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Jefferson Communications is a lobbying and PR company based in the City of London. It was set up in 2003 by Anthony Painter and Ian Lindsley, formerly of The Communication Group. Their website states that "Our business is influencing people and events on behalf of our clients...By nurturing close, working relationships with decision makers, the media and beyond, we ensure that as our client, you are able to achieve your communications objectives."[1]


Current staff

Former staff

New Labour connection

In 20 April 2004 the head of Jefferson Communications was present at a meeting at Labour's Old Queen Street headquarters, held to address concerns "that big business is falling out of love with the party in favour of the Tories." The meeting discussed plans "to woo leading players in the City of London, as a way of countering Tory moves to rebuild links with the square mile." [10] Other PR companies represented at the meeting were Finsbury and Lexington Communications. The director of the Social Market Foundation also attended.[11]


Clients listed in 2009:[12] BBraun | BD | British Land | Colonnade | Energy Solutions | Foodvest | Heron | RWE | Land Securities | L&G | MBDA | RBS | Schroders | Stanhope | Treasury Holdings UK | Unison | UPP | Westfield

Jefferson Communications also lobbied for the Travel Association ABTA and the Federation of Tour Operators at the 2005 Labour Party conference in Brighton,[13] corporate groups subsequently merged in July 2008 to create "a still more powerful and authoritative voice for the travel industry".[14] Contact details for Ian Lindsley of Jefferson Communications communications were included on a January 2005 press release from the London School of Economics[15] which detailed the findings of a two year research project on urban neighbourhoods in London funded by the property developement corporation Minerva PLC - suggesting that Minerva are a client of Jefferson Communications.


  • Address:
3 London Wall Buildings


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