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JNF UK claims to be "the UK’s leading humanitarian and environmental Israel charity...[raising] funds for the building blocks of everyday life in Israel such as reservoirs, irrigation systems, desalination plants, forest planting, recycling schemes, roads, housing and healthcare centres." [1] It is the UK wing of the Jewish National Fund, which has been described by the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe as "a colonialist agency of ethnic cleansing".[2]


Executive Board

Samuel Hayek – Chairman Dr Michael Sinclair – Vice Chairman

Rami Harel, Harvey Bratt – Acting Chief Operations Officers

Executive Board

David Breuer-Weil | Dr Simon Cats | Roy Freedman | Elan Gorji | Amos Greenberg | Murray Lee | Morris Mansour | Sam Pearlman | Charlie Sherling | Mandi Waisman [3]

External Resources


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