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The International Center for Human Development was according to its own account 'established in March 2000 and considered one of the truly unique think tanks in the South Caucasus region' It aims are 'to strengthen democratic mechanisms' and 'fostering free market values'. The ICHD 'uses a variety of means to communicate its research to the broadest possible audiences, and especially to critical groups such as policymakers, scholars, and the media'. In other words the ICHD is a neoliberal think tank attempting to impose the free market on Armenia.

It is not surprising, therefore, that it has been involved with the British Council propaganda operation Connecting Futures [1] or that it is working with international oil companies 'Under the tutelage of International Alert... in a wider policy and research program Conflict Risk and Impact Assessment (CRIA) to assist oil sector companies in addressing the underlying causes of conflict and contributing to long-term structures of peace (peace building).'[2] The ICHD is also active in lobbying for Tobacco control legislation and in doing so two ICHD staff 'applied for and succeeded in becoming International Policy Fellows in the Hungarian Center for Policy Studies'[3], which is in turn funded by the Open Society Institute

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