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Imams Online is a project of Faith Associates and is an asset of British intelligence.

Imams Online has been part of the covert propaganda campaign run by the British intelligence services through the OSCT and RICU using Muslim civil society groups as 'fronts' to 'generate and promote a credible set of moderate and respected Muslim voices'[1]

It is named in documents leaked from Breakthrough Media as working with Breakthrough as part of its contract with RICU the covert communications arm of the Home Office, part of the OSCT and therefore of the British intelligence apparatus.

Leaked document showing relationship between Breakthrough Media (and thus with RICU) of a range of allegedly independent civil society groups including Active Change Foundation, Anti-Tribalism Movement, FAST, FIDA Management, FMO, Imams Online, Inspire, JAN Trust, JIMAS, New Horizons, Plain Islam, Tiger Legends, Tim Parry Jonathan Ball Foundation for Peace, Upstanding Neighbourhoods
Imams Online - Slide from leaked Breakthrough Media presentation, 2015.
Imams Online - Slide from leaked Breakthrough Media presentation, 2015.



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