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Humana Europe offers commissioning services and support to the NHS in England. It is based in London

According to its website, it has developed a specific offering to support GP consortia as they make the transition to commissioning bodies, as proposed by the coalition government in 2010.[1]

US private healthcare

It is owned by US parent company, Humana, which markets and administers health insurance in the US. It has over 11.5 million customers and employs 26,000 people in the States.[2]

Political connections

Humana Europe employed Conservative peer and former Minister of Health, Baroness Julia Cumberlege in 2008 as an advisor.[3]

The company also paid for Conservative MP, Andrew Tyrie to attend the Ryder Cup in the USA (flight and accommodation) in his "capacity as Secretary of the Parliamentary Golf Society" in September 2008.[4]


Humana Europe was a registered client of lobbying firm APCO until November 2009[5]


Humana Europe
25 St George Street
London, W1S 1FS



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