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A JTA obituary reports:

Harry Sacher, a veteran Zionist leader and philanthropist who carved a distinguished career as an author and journalist, died here today at the age of 90. Sacher was born in London, educated at New College, Oxford and served on the staff of the Manchester Guardian as an editorial and feature writer from 1905-1919. It was as a British journalist that he made important contributions to the Zionist movement and the efforts to secure the Balfour Declaration by which the British Government committed itself to the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine. During his later career he devoted his time to writing books and essays and was a director of Marks and Spencer, one of the leading department stores.
Sacher was elected to the Jewish Agency executive in Jerusalem in 1927. He retired from that post in 1931 but continued to be active in Zionist affairs as a collaborator and mentor of the late Dr. Chaim Weizmann - Sacher made important contributions to efforts to rescue German Jews after 1933. He was a director of the Jewish Trust Corp. and was an honorary fellow of New College. His philanthropies benefited both Israel and British Jewry. He served at various times as editor of the Zionist Review. Palestine, Future and a publication titled “Zionist and the Jews.” He was the author of two volumes–“Israel–the Establishment of the State” and “Zionist Portraits and Other Essays.” Sacher is survived by his wife, Miriam, a leader of the Federation of Women Zionists; and two sons, Michael M. Sacher, chairman of the Joint Palestine Appeal and of the London Committee of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and a member of its board of directors; and Gabriel chairman of the British ORT.[1]

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