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The Franco-British Nuclear Forum is an event, held roughly once a year, to foster cooperation between British and French nuclear scientists, policy-makers, regulators and industry.

It was set up by Tony Blair and President Jacques Chirac during a Franco-British summit in June 2006.

Blair and Chirac said the Forum was designed to “provide a vehicle to discuss Franco-British nuclear cooperation, including research, skills, decommissioning and waste management” and “further develop the opportunities of working together in the civil nuclear field".[1]

The Nuclear Industry Association has played an active role in the forum since it was established.[2]


The Forum’s first meeting, in October 2006, was co-chaired by French Industry Minister with responsibility for Energy, François Loos, and British Energy Minister Peter Truscott.

It focused on three broad areas

  • Political Environment, looking at the regulation of safety and security, legal framework and other issues that provide for public acceptance of nuclear;
  • Skills, including benchmarking existing skills and engagement with the supply chain; and
  • Economic Environment, including the question of the comparative competitiveness of the nuclear energy and the long term costs of nuclear power. [3]

A follow-up seminar was held in London in the spring of 2007. [4]

The latest meeting took place in London in June 2012.[5]


Membership is made up from the nuclear industry, policy makers, regulators and scientists. The following organisations have attended: [6]


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