European Forum for Responsible Drinking

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The European Forum for Responsible Drinking (EFRD), the successor organisation to The Amsterdam Group (TAG) was formed by Europe's most influential spirit producers. The organisation provides support to targeted initiatives which they believe promote sensible drinking.

EFRD and its member companies believe in an approach to alcohol harm reduction which focuses on individual problem drinkers rather than solutions at the population level. They share this view with most key players in the alcohol industry. They believe that the 'cultural complexity' of alcohol related issues mean that no single approach is adequate across Europe and therefore advocate a flexible approach.

Their view that "The vast majority of European adults consume alcohol responsibly and it is now widely recognised that patterns of drinking, and not simply volume of alcohol consumption, provide the best predictors of alcohol-related harm" [1]

This is in fact only 'widely recognised' by the drinks industry, most campaigners and experts without connection to the alcohol industry in fact say the opposite. [2]



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