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Resources on Diageo

Further Information and Resources

Campaigning Groups Dealing with Alcohol Issues, and Support Groups

Interesting Articles on Diageo and related issues


  • 'The Beverage Alcohol Industry's Social Aspect Organisations: A public Health Warning.' Eurocare Advocacy for the Prevention of Alcohol Related Harm in Europe, http://www.eurocare.org/publications/socialaspects.pdf
  • Alcohol Policies Project, 'Paying the Piper: The Effect of Industry Funding on Alcohol Prevention Priorities,' 1996

http://www.cspinet.org/booze/ppstudy.html These two articles show the impact of industry funding of research into alcohol harm.

The Guardian has a number of articles and features about the problems with alcohol abuse in Britain. See for example:

  • Jay Rayner, On the Streets of Binge Britain, 05.09.2004
  • Alan Travis, Drinkers Face Three Strikes Ban, 22.01.2005 and Peter Hetherington, ASBOs are not just for Yobbos, 08.09.2004 - on the focus of government alcohol policy (as well as other policy areas) on marginalising invdividuals guilty of irresponsible behaviour, rather than on regulation
  • Sarah Hall, New wave of 'sophisticated' alcopops fuels teenage binge drinking, 14.12.02 about the role of marketing of alcopops in fuelling unde-age binge-drinking
  • Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, Under the Influence, 20.11.04
  • Julia Finch, Drink Firm's Shock for Bingers, 09.10.04

An article in The Telegraph about the Metropolitan Police warning on the dangers of increased licensing hours: Philip Johnston, 24 hour drinking “will fuel crime”, 20.03.04

  • BBC News articles:About the pressure on the NHS caused by alcohol: Alcohol puts huge pressure on NHS, 6.03.04
  • About marketing: 'Creative Adverts' Selling Drinks, 15.03.04
  • About the Guinness Affair: Mike Verdin, Guinness Four fail in fight for acquittal, 21.12.01
  • About whiskey in Scotland: Whisky prices anger Scots farmers, 28.02.2002; Diageo Attacked over whisky cuts, 23.07.04