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David Conway is a Senior Research Fellow at Civitas which he joined in 2004 to work on health care and multiculturalism. In 2007 he was seconded to the Centre for Social Cohesion a think tank set up by Civitas "following widespread and longstanding concern about the diminishing sense of community in Britain"[1].

He was formerly a Senior Research Fellow in Theology and Religious Studies at Roehampton University of Surrey, prior to which he was Professor of Philosophy at Middlesex University.[2]

Conway has also been associated with the Institute of Economic Affairs. In 1992 the IEA published Equal Opportunities: A Feminist Fallacy which Conway co-authored. IEA founder Arthur Seldon thanked Conway in the Acknowledgments for The Dilemma of Democracy.[3].

In 2006 he gave evidence to the House of Commons Education and Skills Committee on citizenship in which he made “a plea for is the reinstatement of traditional British narrative history”. He subsequently wrote to the committee saying that they had mispresented his view as a “top down” approach. [4].


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