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David Tucker is a trustee[1] of UK Friends of AWIS The UK offshoot of the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers - an organisation established in 1942 by David Ben-Gurion. He has held this position since 25th May 2011.[1]

Companies House records the following directorships and other appointments:[2]

Cherwell Films LLP LLP Member Appointed: 07/02/2007
Capital Residential Management Limited Appointed: 16/11/1991 (occupation: Solicitor)
T Group Property LTD Appointed: 20/02/2008 (occupation: Lawyer)
TG Property Holdings LTD Appointed: 04/09/2008 (occupation: Lawyer)
UK Friends of AWIS Appointed: 25/05/2011
Lawyers Incorporated LTD Appointed: 03/07/2012 (position: Director)
Morecourt Limited Appointed: 28/09/1992 Resigned: 19/06/1996 (position: Secretary and Director)
Northern Law Tutors Limited Appointed: PRE 10/07/1991 Company Dissolved: 15/04/1997 (occupation: Lawyer)
Stylewell Limited Appointed: 02/03/1994 Company Dissolved: 21/03/2006 (position: Secretary and Director occupation: Lawyer)
DomainRealm Limited Appointed: 22/01/1998 Company Dissolved: 19/08/2003 (occupation: Solicitor)
Bridgeknot Limited Appointed: 23/05/2000 Company Dissolved: 16/12/2002 (position: Secretary and Director occupation: Lawyer)
Grangedon LTD Appointed: 13/12/1995 Company Dissolved: 06/05/1997 (occupation: Company Director)
Caring World Appointed: 03/04/2000 Resigned: 21/10/2000 Company Dissolved: 19/02/2002 (occupation: Lawyer)


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