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Cornerstone describes itself as a social investment company that 'provides commercial property solutions to public policy problems'.

It says it 'converts' surplus publicly owned buildings and uses the value created from [state] assets to provide investment in public services, while making a fair commercial return for private investors.

It specialises in property in education, housing and adult social care.

Cornerstone is backed by major construction companies Bouygues, Morgan Sindell and Wilmott Dixon as well as private investors. It also partners with Norse Group.

It makes money through 'sharing in the upside of development deals'. It says it donates some of this to its third sector partner, the Transformation Trust to fund extra-curricular activities in local state schools, or to other third sector organisations.

Both Cornerstone and the Transformation Trust are based in Hope House, near Parliament, home to among others the free market think tank Reform.

How it works

Cornerstone says it works:

  • as a broker: 'A typical project would be one in which investment in a public asset (e.g. a School) is to be paid for through commercial development, often residential housing.'
  • as a developer: 'purchasing land or property to deliver public benefit.'
  • as an advisor: 'to landowners, supporting property and asset planning processes'




Address: Hope House, 1st Floor 45 Great Peter, Street, Westminster, London, SW1P 3LT