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Chime was established in 1989 by Lord [[Tim Bell]] who had been deputy chairman of [[Lowe Howard-Spink & Bell plc]] since leaving [[Saatchi & Saatchi]] in 1985. <ref> Chime Communications, [http://www.chime.plc.uk/business-overview/our-people/board-of-directors Our Board of Directors, Tim Bell] accessed 12th December 2011 </ref>
==Executive Directors==
==Executive Directors==

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Chime is the holding company for the UK's biggest Public Relations Group, Bell Pottinger Communications, it owns several research and consultant groups and is part-owned by WPP. The business consists of four divisions; public relations, advertising and marketing, sports marketing and insight and engagement. Chime works with over 600 major UK and international brands, governments, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, charities, not-for-profit organisations, professional service firms and wealthy celebrities.

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Chime was established in 1989 by Lord Tim Bell who had been deputy chairman of Lowe Howard-Spink & Bell plc since leaving Saatchi & Saatchi in 1985. [1]

Executive Directors

Lord Tim Bell - Chairman | Piers Pottinger - Deputy Chairman | Christopher Satterthwaite - Group Chief Executive | Mark Smith - Financial Director


Major clients include:


Bell Pottinger Business & Brand | Bell Pottinger Communications USA LLC | Bell Pottinger Change and Internal Communications | Bell Pottinger Issues & Crisis | Bell Pottinger Middle East | Bell Pottinger - MMK | Bell Pottinger North | Bell Pottinger Public Affairs | Bell Pottinger Public Relations | Bell Pottinger Sans Frontières | Bell Pottinger USA | Bell Pottinger Public Advocacy | BMT | brand democracy | Corporate Citizenship | De Facto | Essentially | Facts International | Fast Track | Fast Track Sailing | Full Access Hospitality | Good Relations | Good Relations Wales | Golden Goal | Harvard | Harvard Germany | Icon | Icon Beta | Insight Marketing | Naked Eye | Open Health | Open LEC | Open Minds | Open Source | Opinion Leader | Pelham Bell Pottinger | Pelham Bell Pottinger Asia | pmplegacy | Pure Media | Rare Corporate Design | Resonate | Reynolds Mackenzie | Search Relations | SFW | SomeOne | Sportseen | Stuart Higgins Communications | Teamspirit | The Sports Business | Traffic Communications | Tree London | tta Group | VCCP (Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest) | VCCP Blue | VCCP Share | VCCP Health | VCCP Search [2]



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