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The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) is the foreign intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany.[1]


The BND was formed in 1956 on the basis of the Organisation Gehlen controlled by former Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen, who remained as head until 1968.[2]



The BND was responsible for briefing the Iraqi defector known as Curveball after he claimed asylum in Germany in 1999. His stories would form the basis of a claim in George W. Bush's 2003 state of the union address that Iraq had mobile biological weapons labs .[3]


In a secret briefing to on 1 September 2013, reported by Der Spiegel, BND chief Gerhard Schindler told German lawmakers, that although there was no incontestible proof, the BND analysis was that the Assad regime was responsible for a chemical weapons attack in the Damascus area the preceding month:

He said that the BND listened in on a conversation between a high-ranking member of the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, which supports Assad and provides his regime with military assistance, and the Iranian Embassy. The Hezbollah functionary, Schindler reported, seems to have admitted that poison gas was used. He said that Assad lost his nerves and made a big mistake by ordering the chemical weapons attack.[4]



Vice Presidents


  • Directorate GL: Situation Centre
  • Directorate UF: Specialised Supporting Services
  • Directorate EA: Areas of Operation/Liason
  • Directorate TA: Signals Intelligence
  • Directorate LA: Region A Countries
  • Directorate LB: Region B Countries
  • Directorate TE: Terrorism and International Organised Crime
  • Directorate TW: Proliferation, NBC Weapons
  • Directorate SI: Security
  • Directorate TU: Technical Support
  • Directorate TK: Technical Development
  • Directorate ZY: Central Services
  • Directorate UM: Relocation[6]

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