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Aetna is an American health insurance company and "worldwide commissioner of health management services". It commissions services for approximately 37.2 million people worldwide through a broad range of health management services and health insurance products.[1]Aetna claims "relationships and contracts with 783,000 healthcare professionals" in the US and 90 facilities in the UK.[2]

Aetna moves into the UK

Aetna UK was established in early 2007 to offer dedicated commissioning support services to Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). It is part of an ongoing expansion of Aetna’s international businesses, with London serving as the operations centre for both commissioning services and Aetna’s UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa expatriate business.[3]

The UK is proving very hospitable to companies like Aetna. Head of Aetna UK, Vincent Sai said: “The National Health Service is being reorganized with some significant structural changes. The primary care trusts are focused on population health management and they are seeking assistance with collection and data management that will help them predict demand and contract with providers for required services.”[4]

Aetna UK offers help with commissioning, including data management and decision support, disease management, service design, quality improvement strategies, contracting, performance management, training, and education. It does not provide clinical services.


United States lobbying

Aetna's total lobbying expenditure in the US for 2010: $3,847,744. It also employs the following lobbying firms in the US:[5]



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