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Aegis Group Holdings AG is the Swiss holding company for Aegis Defence Services.

The Basler Zeitung reported on 9 August 2010, that Aegis had created a Swiss holding company based in Basel. The new company had a capital of 225,000 Swiss Francs, and was headed by Kristian Meier.[1]

The Swiss company had been created on 18 March 2010, and acquired the shares of the British company on 26 July 2010.[2]

The Associated Press report that Aegis' seven owners had swapped their stakes in the UK company for shares in the Basel-based vehicle.[3]

David Isenberg reported for the Huffington Post:

A source sent me the Share Exchange Agreement detailing the conversion of Aegis Defence Services to Aegis Group Holdings AG, which was signed by all parties,
This is a straightforward share exchange whereby each of the shareholders has swapped their shares in the UK company for a new Swiss company set up to own the UK company. The SEA is the document which underlies the transfer of Aegis ownership and control "offshore" from the UK to Switzerland, presumably for tax efficiency. Assuming all operations, billings and management now takes place through the holding company, i.e., outside of UK tax jurisdiction and, reportedly, some of the shareholders have relocated to Switzerland for this purpose, then future profits will be subject to Swiss, not Uk taxes.[4]



David Isenberg reported the following list of shareholders and their holdings in August 2010:

This appears to be identical to the Companies House record of Aegis Defence Services shareholders as at 26 March 2010.[6]


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