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Zeno is a PR firm owned by Edelman formerly known as PR21.

Among its clients are British Nuclear Fuels Limited


Advisory Board

Zeno claims to have an Advisory Board, and has this to say about it on its website:

ZENO approaches each assignment seeking to build the right program to solve a problem, leverage an opportunity or otherwise gain market advantage. To support the capabilities of our staff, we have created an advisory board of industry and communications experts who play important roles on our delivery teams.
Former biotech executives who understand the necessary dance of drug development and federal oversight, academics who track the leading edge of consumer behavior, financiers who help assess and guide capital formation, non-profit leaders who provide issues insight, and researchers who can get behind the numbers are all part of our team.

However, Zeno neglects to name any of the members of the board. Website: http://www.pr21.com/default_flash.aspx