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Global warming.jpg This article is part of the Climate project of Spinwatch.

William O’Keefe is the the President of George C Marshall Institute. O’Keefe is the ex-Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the American Petroleum Institute. He has also held positions on the Board of Directors of the Kennedy Institute, the U.S. Energy Association and the Competitive Enterprise Institute and is Chairman Emeritus of the Global Climate Coalition[38].

Even though the GCC is currently not active, O’Keefe is still active for the fossil fuel industry. In the United States Senate lobbying records for 2003 and 2002, O’Keefe is listed as a lobbyist for Exxon Mobil and for Ada Consulting Services.[40] In the 2002 listing the “specific lobbying” issues worked on included “climate change[41]”. In 2001 O’Keefe was listed as a lobbyist for Exxon Mobil and the American Petroleum Institute.