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Washington Policy and Analysis, Inc. 'provides strategic business intelligence, analysis and advisory services for senior management of many of the world’s largest energy and technology companies.

It is a member of the Informa Group (purchased from EMAP in 1999[1]). Its clients are mostly in the oil and gas industry.

It provided a "$300,000 grant ... to establish a research fellowship in CSTPV (Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence), in the field of maritime security with particular reference to the threat of maritime terrorism."[2]


  • William F Martin - 'an energy economist who has served as Executive Secretary of the National Security Council, Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Energy under President Reagan. He is also chairman of the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Advisory Committee and chairman of the Council on Foreign Relation’s Energy Security Group for the past ten years. In 2006, he was elected chairman of the Council of the University for Peace of the United Nations.'
  • Takashi Akazawa 'has been with Washington Policy and Analysis since 2009 and specializes in nuclear energy policy, nuclear research and development and energy security. In addition, he has worked for the Kansai Electric Power Company in Japan and has wide range of experience in the nuclear fuel cycle. Prior to joining WPA, he worked for the reprocessing plant construction project as well as nuclear fuel management, including transportation, nuclear fuel allocation design in the core and safeguards. Akazawa holds a Masters in nuclear engineering from the Nagoya University of Japan'.
  • Jonathan S. Gillman 'is an international relations specialist focused primarily on issues of energy security. He currently serves as the Senior Energy Analyst for Washington Policy & Analysis. In this role, he manages the firm’s consulting and research teams to coordinate long-term research projects as well as being responsible for advising clients on international and domestic activities across a diverse portfolio. His areas of specialty include: fossil fuels (conventional and unconventional) production, energy transportation and distribution; power generation (utility regulation and facility siting); the domestic nuclear energy industry (advanced R&D, fuel cycle and waste issues); and nuclear weapons/security issues. He is also experienced on US-China energy and security issues after having worked and studied in Shanghai, China in 2006. [3]


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