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Veritas was a right-wing political party formed in February 2005 by Robert Kilroy-Silk following a split from the UK Independence Party (UKIP).

Kilroy-Silk served as its party leader through the 2005 General Election until he resigned in July 2005. He was succeeded by Patrick Eston who resigned the leadership on 15 June 2008 citing frustrations in trying to reform the party.

Veritas has no representation in the UK Parliament, although it had a small number of members serve in the European Parliament and the London Assembly, elected as UKIP members and defecting upon Veritas' formation. No candidates for the party stood in the 2010 UK General Election.

Therese Muchewicz was party leader until the party merged into the English Democrats in 2015. Muchewicz stood in Bradford West for the English Democrats in 2015 under the name Therese Hirst, coming last with 98 votes. [1] She is currently running as a candidate for North Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner. [2]


Against multiculturalism

In July 2013 Party Leader Therese Muchewicz tweeted a link to an e-petition to 'End Multiculturalism in the UK', stating that 'Veritas campaigns for an end to multiculturalism as this has damaged society and community cohesion'. [3]

The petition on the HM Government site explained its rationale as: 'In our country we have public money spent on promoting multiculturalism. We have only 4 cultural identities in the UK those are Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English. We can no longer sponsor segregation and the dilution of our cultural identities with public money. 4 Nations 4 Identities 4 Peoples.' [4]

Against gay marriage

In June 2012 Muchewicz tweeted that 'Veritas vehemently opposes proposals for same sex marriages. A step too far and no legal necessity. Political correctness gone mad!' [5]

Mission statement

We are a party of people who are proud of, and wish to serve, the nations of our United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We wish to see a world of sovereign nations working co-operatively and creatively together, each proud of its evolving inheritance and well-being. We believe that as we care for the well-being of our nations, so our nations will care for us.
We believe passionately in the concepts of nationhood, freedom and democracy; and judge these ideals to have been compromised in recent years by a ‘political class’ that has become arrogant and contemptuous of public opinion, preferring instead to superimpose its own ‘blueprint for humanity’ on citizens. We believe that the rhetoric, ‘spin’ and bullying of the ‘political class’ needs to be challenged by informed public scrutiny and participation in the decisions taken that affect the condition of our nation.
We feel that we have become spectators to changes in our affairs and circumstances that have received no popular mandate from the people, deceived and lied to by politicians, coerced by intolerance and stigmatisation of dissent and the manipulation by the state and its agencies of thought, feelings and expression – challenging our freedom to exercise personal choice and judgement and our cherished links to our nation’s heritage, sense of identity and values.
Veritas has been founded to provide a rallying point for those for whom nationhood - rooted in a love for the nation’s heritage and cultural milieu, high standards of governance, justice and public administration democratically and meaningfully accountable to the people that they serve, are important. We will speak honestly and plainly, but with dignity and respect. [6]



Head office and membership address:BM Veritas Party, London, WC1N 3XX
Twitter: @veritasparty (29 followers as of 9 August 2013)
Facebook: (has 22 likes as of 9 August 2013)



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