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here is the message I have now posted on all of their pages: Hi,

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--David 10:17, 30 January 2008 (UTC)

good stuff on Lorna Fitzsimons, but er.... can you find a source for the sex and Blair quotes...?

Also I have corrected your references. have a look at the formatting... --David 08:14, 13 Jun 2007 (BST)

I am starting with the Spinprofiles work today. I'll be doing 4 hours daily for the next 15 days. I'll focus on things that coincide with my own research as well, but if there are anything in particular you would want me to look at send me a list. --Idrees 13:54, 10 Jul 2007 (BST)


Paul Green has a significant property potfolio in Glasgow including the pollok shopping centre, recently revamped and renamed The Silverburn Centre. Despite extracting regular income from the Scottish economy he is registered for tax purposes in Jersey and thus avoids personal and corporate taxation.

Mr Green came into focus recently as the New Labour donor who contributed to the parliamentary election campaign of Charlie Gordon and the leadership election campaign of Scottish leader Wendy Alexander.

What is known about Paul Green? Is there evidence that his closeness to new Labour in Glasgow assisted his property development expansion, particularly given his association with Charlie Gordon, who was of course Glasgow City Council leader for a considerable period throughout the late 1990's and up to around 2004?

Also what record exists of the level of public monies being transferred to assist Mr Green's various profitable projects given his tax aviodance status? Should those avoiding personal and corporate taxation within the UK be able to benefit from pulic funds?

Does anyone have more information on Paul Green and his business activities and, perhaps inter-related personal friendships with New Labour politicians?

This is a posting by Tommy Sheridan using Will's site.