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this is your talk page where people can leave messages and you can keep notes etc. To reply go to my talk page:

I should have said that the lobbying portal badge is as follows:

Twenty-pound-notes.jpg This article is part of the Lobbying Portal, a sunlight project from Spinwatch.


--David 16:08, 4 September 2009 (UTC)

editing points

Hi John

A few editing points.

1. on, the quote seems to come not from the Meat and Health website (or if it does, I couldn't find it) but from the Red Meat Industry Forum website. I have put in the reference but could you clarify the relationship, if any, between these 2 orgs and if nec replace the quote from Red Meat Ind Forum with one from or have they been renaming themselves or their websites?

2. you will need to go thru all your pages -- you can see them easily by going to and ensure that you have got the categories named correctly. Unfortunately, some time ago (this not your fault), a category in the Foodspin portal was wrongly named without capitalisation on last 2 words,

Food Industry lobby groups

instead of what it should have been -- Food Industry Lobby Groups – and I found one page (MeatandHealth) where you had called it Food Industry Lobby Groups. Spin categories are case sensitive and so we need to follow the exact spelling (incl capitalisation or lack of it) of the set categories listed at

I did look into changing the Food Industry lobby groups category to what it should be – Food Industry Lobby Groups – but because it is a category with many articles I would have been there till Xmas!

I have renamed the category on the page correctly but if you can do a quick spin thru your other pages and just check that there are no incorrectly named categories. The way to check this quickly is to see if there are any that show up red. If they do, then go into categories page and find correct name of category, and change the name to correct one.

3. Referencing. a big topic but once you have it right, you will never need to think about it again as it will become automatic. At the moment you are not referencing according to the new style, and you need to be. It's explained here

in particular look at the section:

New style referencing (please use in new articles)

Steps 1 and 2.

I have formatted the ref in correctly according to new referencing style, though as I said above, the quote doesn't seem to come from the website so it may have to be changed and the ref altered accordingly. Pls go into Edit mode in that page and see how it's done, or look at

New style referencing (please use in new articles)

in the referencing page. In step 2 you will see that you need to have certain coding at the bottom of each page, and this applies to old and new pages. You write the ref material in the body text itself. Then the refs will automatically number themselves and collect at foot of page... magic!

If you find the referencing examples overwhelming then just go to a page where the refs are done according to new style, eg

go into Edit mode, and keep that window open for your information while you edit your Spin article in a separate window.

If you'd find it easier to be talked thru the referencing or any other business please feel free to email me on claire.robinson AT, substituting the usual symbol for AT, and I will email you my phone no. and can talk you thru it.

It seems overwhelming at first but within a few days you will find it very easy.

best wishes and thanks for your work on Spin

--Claire Robinson 17:46, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

managing ed