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Bristol Chris, also known as BristleKRS, lives in Bristol, and goes by the name of... Well, you've got the picture.

A (lapsed) blogger with a keen interest in policing issues and holding power to account from an anti-authoritarian perspective, he has also notched up more than fifteen years' worth of professional writing experience, occasionally writing for newspapers and magazines you might have heard of, sometimes hacking for trade press you hopefully haven't, but all too often churning out ‘communications’ for Big Bad Corporations you almost certainly have (for shame).

His main online home is Bristle's Blog From The BunKRS, which is where he first engaged with crowdsourcing techniques by trying to facilitate the identification of police officers involved in or witness to the killing of bystander Ian Tomlinson in April 2009.[1]

He also tweets, sporadically, as (unsurprisingly) BristleKRS.


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