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Trafigura is a global commodities trading group.[1]



According to the Guardian, Trafigura split in 1993 from a group of companies controlled by Marc Rich. Founders included Graham Sharp, Claude Dauphin, and Eric de Turckheim.[2]

The Australian Financial Review claimed of Trafigura in 2005: "According to industry experts and investigators, it was founded in 1993 by former Rich traders with money from Rich. Experts say he invested in companies such as Trafigura to expand his empire, though most contend he no longer has a stake in them.[3]

The Marc Rich Group has stated:

Trafigura does not belong to Marc Rich and never did. The original founders and some of the current owners of Trafigura once worked for the Marc Rich Group. However, Trafigura was formed without help or finance from the Marc Rich Group, and there is no business relationship between the two companies.[4]

Cote d'Ivoire dumping controversy

In May 2009, the Guardian reported that a ship chartered by Trafigura, the Probo Koala, had dumped 2 tonnes of toxic hydrogen sulphide in Cote D'Ivoire.[5]

Iran allegations

A confidential report cited by the Guardian in May 2013, suggested that Trafigura may have breached sanctions by supplying material to a company linked to Iran's nuclear programme.[6]

Corporate Structure




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