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Traditional Britain Group is a far-right group. It describes itself on its website as 'home to the disillusioned patriot' and has called for non-whites to be repatriated.

It has also provided a platform for prominent white nationalists, such as the American alt-right leader Richard Spencer, at its conferences. In 2013 it also hosted Austrian anti-Islam activist Markus Willinger, author of what is considered the founding manifesto of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs (Austrian Generation Identity movement.

The group rejects its labelling by critics as 'far-right' nor 'white nationalists'.. "We are traditional Tories. Admittedly a rare species today." A spokesperson for the Traditional Britain Group said:

'We do not have political proscription (yet) in Great Britain and there is no reason why an organisation like ours, which has been addressed by all manner of respectable people, including Simon Heffer and Sir Roger Scruton, should be seen as anything other than just another pressure group, and acceptable in an open and free society.' [1]




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