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The Territorial Support Group (TSG) is the Metropolitan Police Service's "strategic reserve for public disorder and critical incident response.[1]

The TSG was created in 1986 to replace the Special Patrol Group.[2]

G20 death

Ian Tomlinson died on 1 April 2009 after being struck with a baton by a TSG officer while he attempted to make his way home from work through a G20 protest in Central London.[3]

Another TSG officer, Delroy Smillie, was due to be charged with assault after footage emerged in which he appeared to strike a woman at a vigil for Tomlinson the following day.[4]

Babar Ahmed assault

In August 2010, four police officers from the Metropolitan Police Service were charged with 'Actual Bodily Harm' (ABH) toward Babar Ahmad, the terror suspect who was arrested on 2 December 2003 and released without charge after 6 days. The officers are: PC Rod James-Bowen, age 39 from the Territorial Support Group; PC Nigel Cowley, age 32, from the Territorial Support Group; PC Mark Jones, age 43, from the Territorial Support Group; and DC John Donohue, from the Special Operations Unit. The 4 defendants are set to appear at the City of Westminister Court on 22 September 2010.[5] [6]

Organisational Structure

This is the organisational structure of the TSG for the years 2009-2010. It was published by Wikileaks in April 2009. [7]

2009 version of the Territorial Support Group Organisation Structure that was leaked to Wikileaks.


Chief Superintendent Mick Johnson, commander of TSG[8] | Superintendent Roger Evans[9] |


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