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This page focuses on how Napier University deals with issues around teaching terrorism. Teaching About Terrorism is a 2009/10 research project funded by C-SAP, one of the Higher Education Academy's subject networks. The project aims to research the extent and nature of teaching about terrorism in UK Universities, primarily in the disciplines of Sociology, Politics and Criminology[1].

Freedom of Information Request 1

According to the response of this University to the initial four part teaching terrorism FOI request, the answer to all four questions was 'no'[2] . The four questions being:

  • Does your institution provide any information or advice to students or staff on any potential liability under Terrorism legislation which might result from accessing materials for teaching or research ?
  • Does your institution have any kind of procedure to review or assess reading lists, module descriptors or other teaching materials which explicitly or in practice considers questions of safety and risk under terrorism legislation as part of its remit ?
  • Does your institution have any system, policy or procedure in place for dealing with any potential actions taken by the authorities against the institution, its students or staff under Terrorism legislation ?
  • Does your institution have any system, policy or procedure in place for ‘preventing violent extremism’ as recommended for example in the government guidance document ‘Promoting Good Campus Relations’

However our University has undertaken the following work on counter-terrorism and this may be of interest to you:

  • The University has robust and flexible business continuity arrangements in place which are kept under regular review.
  • The Risk, Resilience and Audit Monitoring Committee discusses counter-terrorism as a regular agenda item.
  • The University is working closely with Lothian and Borders Police and other local universities on a number of counter-terrorism initiatives.
  • The Diversity Partner recently organised an Act Now exercise for senior staff and at the request of the Risk etc Committee is considering running future events for staff and students.
  • A number of Senior Security staff have participated in Project Argus and Griffin training.
  • The University is developing a 'hazards database' in advance of the rollout of Project Revise by Lothian and Borders Police.
  • The University will observe and respond to the recommendations of the Universities UK academic freedom working group which are expected later this year.[3]

Freedom of Information Request 2



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