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I cut this out of the article because it doesnt have to do with Spiked, it has to do with Hill and Knowlton... so it would be best to separate the two for clarity;s sake: >> An article in The Sunday Times reported on one on the MMR vaccine. It noted that Hill & Knowlton's clients include 'the three drug companies that manufacture the triple vaccine'. On that occasion Michael Fitzpatrick led the discussion. According to the article, one of the things stood out about the seminar was 'its refusal to address the evidence that aroused public distrust [about MMR] in the first place. For these people, immunisation was an incontrovertible religious doctrine. Fitzpatrick rubbished the work of [MMR researcher] Wakefield, whose research papers currently outnumber his own by 128 to 0, as a superstition on a par with astrology. When somebody mentioned the divergence of scientific opinion, Professor Brent Taylor interrupted, again announcing that "the scientific debate is over".' (MMR RIP, 14 December 2003) <<

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