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  • Nuclear power is the least popular energy source among European Union citizens, according to new research. A special report from Eurobarometer, the public opinion analysis arm of the European Commission, concludes that 'EU citizens are most in favour of renewable energy sources while nuclear energy is opposed by many'. Of 24,815 EU citizens interviewed in 25 countries, only one in five said they were in favour of nuclear power, while one in three (39 per cent) expressed strong opposition. The report says: "Nuclear energy provokes the most opposition among EU citizens." To read more, click here (pdf file).
  • The Financial Times reported on February 19, 2007, that Rolf Linkohr, who has been advising Andris Piebalgs, the European energy commissioner, had his contract terminated because he failed to clarify there was no conflict of interest between this role, and his role as a pro-nuclear lobbyist. The sacking came after a campaign by Corporate Europe Observatory.
  • Check out SpinWatch's video section, which includes one on the dangers of civil nuclear power featuring David Lochbaum from the Union of Concerned Scientists.