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in need of referencing

section below removed as it has no reference.

‘We have become a nation of Sudoku puzzle addicts,’ wrote Charlie in his review of the year (Independent 30 December 2005).

With Editorial Intelligence, Julia Hobsbawm is creating a database that will contain portraits of some 1,000 members of the 'commentariat', of EI, listing their likes and dislikes, the days on which their pieces appear, and so forth. Companies which subscribe to the database will know about the journalists who write about them, or those who might do so if the money's good. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

is this worth including?

"Lots of reporters were in various places just coming in when the news broke and as always in these situations everyone rose to the occasion. We printed an extra 50,000 and we ended up being about 40 minutes late off stone." [1] ( Retrieved from ""

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