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Activities within the Advertising/Creative practice are conducted by three subsidiary companies. According to B-M’s web site Marsteller Advertising is a "full-service advertising agency specializing in corporate, business-to-business and issue-related (or public information) communications," whilst Burson-Marsteller Productions handles event management and TPS "offers a wide range of communications services, from designing and producing Web sites, interactive CD-ROMS and presentation graphics to providing video production and broadcast services."

The Brand Marketing practice employs around 150 people under the leadership of Linda Recupero. The practice offers a wide range of services toward the end of increasing market share for clients’ brands.

The Corporate/Financial practice handles all aspects of "perception management" of a company – "to help top management understand, enhance and manage the perceptions of their corporation held by key audiences, including shareholders and the investing community, the media and, by extension, the general public, employees and opinion makers." [1]

The extraordinary growth and sophistication of the healthcare industry has prompted B-M to set up a separate practice just for healthcare companies. The Healthcare practice offers the complete range of PR services to healthcare companies from product marketing, to crisis management to long term issues management around complex and controversial subjects like biotechnology. B-M boasts that it can manage and even create "scientific and political consensus around issues" in the healthcare sector [2].

The Media practice is B-M's pool of expertise in exploiting the media to deliver chosen messages, what they call 'media relations', an essential part of any effective PR strategy. As well as 'media relations' the media practice also deals with internet-based PR, and communications training. Specialists with backgrounds in a wide range of different media are employed to ensure access to as many media sources as possible.

Public Affairs/Government Relations work in the USA and Europe is carried out by B-M's wholly owned subsidiary, BKSH, whilst in the rest of the world it is undertaken by B-M’s own offices.

In the States BKSH's head office is naturally in Washington DC, B-M boasts of "strong working relationships with decision makers and opinion leaders at the centres of power. In Washington, these range from Congress to the White House, from the State Department to the Pentagon, from national associations to the National Press Club. We understand the Washington D.C. community's own unique rhythm and set of unspoken rules, and we are skilled at negotiating for our clients to maximum effect."

BKSH's European HQ is in Brussels with a network of offices in the major European capitals each staffed with experts in the local political systems.

Technology was the first of the 'practices', formed in 1994. Concentrating mostly on electronic technologies. Like the healthcare practice, the technology practice provides a broad range of services, which might otherwise be provided by other practices, specifically to companies that need specialist knowledge of technology issues.


Defence clients - Raytheon

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