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South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)

March 28, 1993

Cecil's guests sharpen knives for Simon the party-pooper

SECTION: Sunday Edition; Pg. 14

LENGTH: 208 words

LOOK out Simon - they're coming to get you. Readers will recall how "hungry guest Simon" wrote to complain about the birthday party Cecil Chao threw for his wife, Terri, and a friend at Villa Cecil earlier this month.

Poor Simon said when he arrived there was no dinner, only fruit punch and "cheap wine" to drink, and a "tiny birthday cake fit for six people" for almost 40 guests.

Five guests sprang to Cecil's defence, sending us a letter that includes a thank you "for a lovely time".

The writers, including crimper Andre Oullette, Alex Oakes and Electra Souras said because Simon was "fashionably late" he missed out on the "ample supply of finger food".

"As for the cake - all I can say in reply is 'oink'," it adds strangely, before asking if Simon was not simply freeloading.

The penultimate paragraph drips with implied menace: "Next time, if there is one for you, please have the decency to use your correct name, as we all know who you are " (our emphasis).

And what was Cecil doing pushing Terri into the Adventist outpatients unit in a wheelchair on Friday?

He looked, according to our spy, a mite anxious, although Terri appeared serene, chatting happily on her mobile telephone. Answers on a postcard please.