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With over 835,000 members, the TGWU is the UK's biggest general union. It was founded in 1922 and has members in 'in every type of workplace'. [1]

Pro-nuclear statements

In July 2004, Jim Mowatt, TGWU national secretary for chemicals, oil and rubber, called for 'a serious debate about the future for nuclear power'. He said: 'At present it contributes about one-fifth of our energy needs and it provides a major carbon-free source of energy. This is a significant source of energy, which must be part of the debate about our future energy supply.' [2]

In October 2004, Jack Dromey, Deputy General Secretary, told a Wales TUC conference on energy: 'Despite some well meaning moves, neither Wales nor Whitehall has a serious energy policy. That must change to avoid a twin crisis in the next generation: of energy starvation for our homes and industries, and the disastrous consequences of global warming. Wales needs a balanced energy policy, making good uses of all sources of supply - Welsh coal, gas, and oil - and investment in the technologies of the future of wind, wave and nuclear energy. Together with energy conservation, disaster can be avoided.' He added: 'The time has come to stop pitting wind and wave against nuclear. They are partners for the future.' [3]

-nuclear MSP Elaine Murray. Murray has been the MSP for the Dumfries constituency since 1999, which includes the Chapelcross nuclear plant. Chapelcross is currently being decommissioned but the TGWU, amongst others, is running a campaign for a new nuclear plant at Chapelcross, called Chapelcross 11. [4]

Lobbying for Nukes

John Rogerson of the TGWU, who is based at Chaplecross, is the campaign leader of the Nuclear Workers' Campaign (NWC) which represents five unions pushing for a resumption of nuclear power. He has been active in lobbying both the Scottish Parliament and Westminster. For more on this see the entry for David Mundell. [5]

Who runs TGWU?

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