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Sudan Action (not to be confused with the American Sudanese Education and Leadership Organization) is a campaigning website focused on Sudan which appears to be headed by the leading Christian neoconservative Baroness Cox. In July 2009 the website including details of two actions. One was a march from the London Eye to Parliament Square on 18 June 2009 led by Baroness Cox, the other was a 'Sudan Day of Prayer' organised by the Christian Solidarity Worldwide - a charity dedicated to supporting oppressed Christians. According to a press release, Sudan Action 'consists of British parliamentarians, NGO’s and members of the Sudanese Diaspora' and 'was established to raise awareness of the desperate humanitarian crisis that exits in Sudan and to encourage the British and Western governments to act to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe'. [1]

The March

According to a press release the 18 June 2009 march was held 'in support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development’s excellent humanitarian efforts within Sudan.' [2] Baroness Cox was the organiser and campaigner behind the march, whilst the press release lists the neoconservative operative Simon Barrett and Alexandra Taliadoros (a Fundraising and Communications Manager at Cox's charity HART) as press contacts. [3]