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Stephen Leach is a retired senior civil servant. He was Director of Criminal Justice in the Northern Ireland Office and Chair of the Northern Ireland Criminal Justice Board from August 2000 until the start of 2009. Before that he held a range of other posts in the NIO and other Departments. He was appointed a Non-Executive Director of the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board in April 2009.[1]

In 1980, Leach was an official of the Northern Ireland Office Political Affairs Division. On 6 May 1980, he had lunch with Frank Millar, the press and information officer of the Official Unionist Party and sent a report of it to his boss, David Blatherwick. The discussion mostly focused on James Molyneaux's leadership and the Kincora affair was also mentioned. Leach recorded:

Millar expressed the strong hope (on which I did not comment) that the judicial enquiry would not begin before the Assembly election and that the whole affair would die a natural death. (He has a clear interest in trying to minimise the publicity, since he is married to William McGrath s daughter . . .)[2]


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