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Stephen Green is a Christian conservative activist. He is the leader of Christian Voice, a former Chairman of the Conservative Family Campaign, who converted from Anglicanism to Pentecostalism, and attends an Assemblies of God Church. In the early 1990s, Green was a prominent campaigner against gay rights through the Conservative Family Campaign, and wrote a book called The Sexual Dead-End. On 2 September 2006, Green was arrested in Cardiff at the city's Mardi Gras for distributing disruptive (anti gay) pamphlets. On 28 September 2006, the CPS decided not to prosecute Green because there was insufficient evidence; South Wales Police said that this did not 'challenge the legality' of his arrest.[1]

Green featured heavily in the Channel 4 current affairs documentary series Dispatches - In God's Name, in which, at a small rally to protest against the building of a mosque, he made a number of inflammatory comments against Islam. This prompted the Rev. Joel Edwards, head of the Evangelical Alliance, to write a public letter distancing his group from Mr Green, whom he described as an extremist. Rev. Edwards said 'The vast majority of Christians who watched last night would, like me, have recoiled in horror at some of the statements he made.'[2]

According to Searchlight, the anti fascist magazine, the campaign against the satirical West End musical “Jerry Springer – The Opera” was organised 'by the small but militant conservative evangelical religious sect Christian Voice (CV), noted for both its homophobia and its rejection of evolution. Led from Surbiton by Stephen Green, a former chairman of the Conservative Family Campaign, CV objected to what it perceives to be the musical’s profane and blasphemous content.'[3]


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