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Stefan Aufenanger is professor of Pedagogy and Media Education at the University of Hamburg, Germany.

Aufenanger studied pedagogy, psychology and sociology at the University of Mainz and worked at several universities in Germany and Switzerland. From 1995-1999 he was Executive Director of the ‘Institute for the Foundations of Education’ at the University of Hamburg, and from 1996-1998 Executive Director of the ‘Media Centre at the Faculty of Education’.

He was member of the board of the ‘Association for Media Education and Communication Culture’ (GMK) (Bielefeld), and speaker of the division ‘Media Education’ of the ‘German Association of Educational Science’ (DGfE). He is co-editor of ‘Computer + Unterricht’ and member of the advisory board of ‘medien praktisch’, as well as consultant of several research projects. Furthermore he is a teacher in further education programs for Kindergarten, Elementary and Primary school teachers. [1]

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Current activities

Aufenanger's main research topics are are electronic media and the family, television and children, children and advertising, multimedia in education, moral education, and qualitative research methods. [2]



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  • Media childhood - brand childhood (Medienkindheit - Markenkindheit). München 2004 (co-author: Ingrid Paus-Hasebrink, Uwe Hasebrink and Klaus Neumann-Braun)
  • Handbook media: starting up early with media education (Handbuch Medien: Medienerziehung früh beginnen) Bonn 2001 (co-author: Ulrike Six)
  • Concepts of media education to foster the understanding of commercials in the Kindergarten (Medienpädagogische Ansätze zur Vermittlung von
  • Werbekompetenz im Kindergarten) Kiel 1999 (co-author: Norbert Neuss)
  • Commercials and Children (Fernsehwerbung und Kinder) 2 Volumes., Opladen 1995 (co-authors: Michael Charlton, Klaus Neumann-Braun and Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem)
  • The Role of children in Television - Families watching TV (Kinder im Fernsehen - Familien beim Fernsehen) Munich 1993



FB 06/Institut 1, University of Hamburg, Von-Melle-Park 8, 20146, Hamburg/Germany




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