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Solvay is a European pharmaceutical company.

Lobbying activities

Its website gives the following account of its lobbying activities:

The Solvay Group looks back on a rich heritage of “corporate citizenship” dating back to its very founder, Ernest Solvay. Pursuing this tradition, the Solvay Group aims at maintaining a close and mutually beneficial dialogue with Public Authorities and administration, and Members of Parliaments to foster common interests, hence contributing to the sustainable development of our society.

The mission of Government & Public Affairs therefore is to

  • Promote, coordinate and advocate in accordance with Solvay’s values the Group’s interests and long term vision towards public authorities within the highly regulated environment of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry
  • Raise the Group’s awareness on the general political context, on the main challenges faced by public authorities, and on more specific policy issues
  • Promote the Group’s reputation within public authorities.[1]

Work in Lobby Groups

Having chemical and pharmaceutical activities, Solvay is active in many relevant local, regional, national and supra-national business associations, especially in geographical areas where Solvay holds industrial activities. At European level and in the US, Solvay is a member of the following:

With its industrial, scientific and social expertise Solvay actively contributes to their activities and to the formulation of their position statements on the topics most relevant for Solvay. [2]

PR, Lobbying and Business Intelligence firms

Solvay is listed as a client of business intelliegence firm Business Insights[4]

In 2008, Solvay is listed as a client of Innovex[5]. They are also listed as a client of Van Luyken Communicatie Adviseurs[6].




Government & Public Affairs representatives in selected countries or areas:


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