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Smith & Nephew plc is a British-based multinational medical equipment manufacturing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the world's largest producer of arthroscopy products, second-largest producer of advanced wound management products, third-largest producer of trauma and clinical therapy products and fourth-largest producer of orthopedic reconstruction products.[1]


Taken from the Smith & Nephew website:

The Group has a history dating back over 150 years to the family enterprise of Thomas James Smith who opened a small pharmacy in Hull, England in 1856. On his death in 1896, his nephew Horatio Nelson Smith took over the management of the business.
By the late 1990s, Smith & Nephew had expanded into being a diverse healthcare conglomerate with operations across the globe, including various medical devices, personal care products and traditional and advanced woundcare treatments. In 1998, Smith & Nephew announced a major restructuring to focus management attention and investment on three business units — wound management, endoscopy and orthopaedics— which offered high growth and margin opportunities.
Smith & Nephew was incorporated and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1937 and in 1999 the Group was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, Smith & Nephew became a constituent member of the FTSE-100 index in the UK. This means that Smith & Nephew is included in the top 100 companies traded on the London Stock Exchange measured in terms of market capitalisation.
Today, Smith & Nephew is a public limited company incorporated and headquartered in the UK and doing business in many countries around the world.[2]



  • Sir John Buchanan - Chairman
  • Olivier Bohuon - Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie Brown - Chief Financial Officer
  • Ian Barlow - Independent Non-Executive
  • Virginia Bottomley - Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Richard De Schutter - Senior Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Michael Friedman - Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Pamela Kirby - Independent Non-Executive
  • Brian Larcombe - Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Joseph Papa - Independent Non-Executive
  • Ajay Piramal - Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Susan Swabey - Company Secretary

Executive Management

  • Olivier Bohuon - Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie Brown - Chief Financial Officer
  • Rodrigo Bianchi - President of IRAMEA
  • Jack Campo - Chief Legal Officer
  • Francisco Canal Vega - President Latin America
  • Phil Cowdy - Head of Corporate Affairs
  • Mike Frazzette - President, Advanced Surgical Devices
  • Gordon Howe - Senior Vice President Global Planning and Development
  • Helen Maye - Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Cyrille Petit - Chief Corporate Development Officer
  • Arjun Rajaratnam - Chief Compliance Officer
  • Ros Rivaz - Chief Technology Officer
  • Susan Swabey - Company Secretary
  • Roger Teasdale - President, Advanced Wound Management



Smith & Nephew Healthcare Ltd
Healthcare House
101 Hessle Road
Telephone: 01482 222200
Fax: 01482 222211