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The Small Wars Journal (SWJ) is an online magazine focusing on intra-state conflict created in 2005. Aside from its online magazine, SWJ hosts an accompanying blog and the Small Wars Council discussion board. Other site features include an online reference library, recommended reading and event listings. The magazine is published by the Small Wars Foundation, a Virginia based non-profit corporation.

The title refers to the 1940 United States Marine Corps Small Wars Manual, which used "small wars" as a catch-all term for unconventional and guerrilla warfare. the journal was created by former members of the Marines.


The Small Wars Journal is an evolution of the MOUT Homepage, Urban Operations Journal, and, all formerly run by SWJ's editor-in-chief Dave Dilegge.[1]



Between 2009 and 2013 the Small Wars Foundation received the following amounts from the conservative Smith Richardson Foundation according to IRS filings.[2][3] These payments amounted to the main funding received by the Foundation in each year.

  • Year - SRF payment - other income
  • 2009 - $75,250 - $1,803
  • 2010 - $150,500 - $11,215
  • 2011 - $31,350 - $9,022
  • 2012 - $75,000 - $13,463[4]


Address: Small Wars Foundation, 4938 Hampden Ln #560, Bethesda, MD 20814.
Twitter: @smallwars


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