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What Others Say

Simon Anholt "is one of the UK's best-known international marketing thinkers, and for 12 years was CEO of World Writers, the communications business which he founded in 1989 and sold in 2000. He now runs Earthspeak, a strategy consultancy which advises governments and corporations on branding, cultural and ethical issues."[1]
"Branding experts" like Simon Anholt, who established Placebrands early in 2003, help "countries develop and communicate strong brand identities [which] could help speed up development by attracting foreign investors and tourists. That, in turn, could increase political influence and help a country's corporations grow."[2]

According to the Beyond-Branding web site:

Simon Anholt is "an international strategy consultant who advises governments (including Britain, Croatia and Slovenia) and corporations (including DreamWorks, DuPont and Timberland) on branding, cultural and ethical issues, and a founding director of Placebrands."

The Economist describes him as:

"… one of the world's leading consultants to corporations and governments who wish to build global brands'. He is an editor of the Journal of Brand Management and a regular contributor to many academic and marketing publications. His best-seller on global advertising, Another One Bites the Grass, was published in the USA by John Wiley in 2000, and his latest book, Brand New Justice: The Upside to Global Branding, on how branding can build the economies of emerging markets, was published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 2003."[3]

Institute for Brand Leadership states:

"Simon Anholt is currently Chairman of Earthspeak, a strategic consultancy which advises governments and multi-national corporations. One of the UK's best known international branding and marketing thinkers, he is also the founder of World Writers, the world's only single-office global advertising agency. Simon has a unique perspective on the global dimension of some of the world's major brands and has acted as a consultant on various brand management issues for major companies including Mars, BBC Worldwide and Dreamworks. In 2000, he published Another One Bites The Grass, a close look at international advertising. He was named by the Economist as '…one of the most influential strategists and consultants for companies seeking to take their brands into the global market place.'"

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  • Botswana
  • Britain
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  • Jamaica
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  • Slovenia
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  • Tanzania

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