Shaun Woodward

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Shaun Woodward

Shaun Woodward was the Labour MP for St Helens South and Whiston from 2010 to 2015. He was MP for St Helens South from 2001-2010. He was also secretary of state for Northern Ireland 2007-10 [1]

Woodward defected to Labour from the Conservative Party in 1999. An MP since 1997, he was previously a researcher on the BBC programmes That’s Life!, Panorama and Newsnight. [2]

Advising private Swiss bank

Woodward has a part-time job advising Swiss private bank Reichmouth & Co. He declares in the register of MPs' interests that he expects to be paid '£35,000 a half year' for 10 days work.

Private Eye magazine noted that the 'super-wealthy' MP will earn more from the Swiss Bank than he does for representing the people of Merseyside'. [3]

MPs expenses

In 2009 the Telegraph newspaper revealed that Woodward, 'the wealthiest member of the Cabinet', had 'claimed almost £100,000 to help pay the mortgage interest on a £1.35 million flat', one of at least seven properties that he owned. [2]


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