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Shahriar Ahy is the political strategist for Reza Shah, son of the former Shah of Iran. In the months before the 1979 Iranian revolution he had been an informal liaison between the Shah and the White House. Since 1980 Ahy has remained close to Reza as his political strategist, mentor, speechwriter and monitor. In 2004 Ahy left the multinational media company that he had been running from Saudi Arabia to work full time on regime change in Iran.

Ahy is tasked with uniting the atomized Iranian opposition around Reza Shah. According to Connie Bruck:

Ahy, an M.I.T. graduate-school alumnus, is often compared to his fellow alumnus Ahmad Chalabi, who, before the American invasion of Iraq, was the head of the Iraqi National Congress. An Iranian-American political activist with ties to Ahy and Pahlavi commented recently, "If Reza is ever returned to power, it will be because of Shahriar."[1]


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