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Scottish Power UK distribution areas [1] 2007

Scottish Power is comprised of the following four businesses

Energy Wholesale

Energy Wholesale contains two companies:

  • ScottishPower Energy Management Ltd, which is responsible for buying and selling wholesale energy and
  • ScottishPower Generation Ltd, which generates 6,200MW of electricity power in the United Kingdom using coal fired thermal power stations, combined cycle power stations, hydro-electric schemes, pumped storage generation and substantial wind farms. In April of 2006 Scottish Power were granted permission to build Europe's largest on-shore windfarm and is now the UK’s leading windfarm operator.

Energy Retail

Scottish Power's Energy Retail division supplies electricity and gas to over 5m homes and businesses in the UK. It is comprised of

  • Scottish Power Energy Retail Ltd, which holds the gas and electricity supply licenses, and
  • SP Dataserve Ltd, which is responsible for the metering and data management work and is the first ever meter reading company to allow customers to text in their meter readings.

Energy Networks

The Energy Networks businesses cover around 3.3 million customers and own and operate Scottish Power's electricity transmission and distribution network. It has three asset owning companies:

  • SP Transmission Ltd, which holds the transmission license for central and southern Scotland and owns the part of the Moyle Interconnector with Northern Ireland Electricity,
  • SP Distribution Ltd, which holds the distribution licence for central and southern Scotland and
  • SP Manweb Plc, which holds the distribution licence for North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire.

A fourth asset management business SP Power Systems Ltd maintains and repairs the distribution networks on behalf of the owners and acts as the Distribution Network Operator. The work on the transmission grid is carried out by National Grid plc.

PPM Energy Inc.

PPM Energy Inc was previously the competitive arm Pacificorp but was made a separate business in 2002. It is involved in renewable energy and gas storage amongst other things in the US. It is currently the number two wind farm developer and one of the top three independent gas storage operators in the United States. [2]


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